The next big thing in sustainability

As a movement we obviously need to ask the question why not just join an already existing projects…

The answer is simple: Because we are not satisfied with the status quo and there’s just no project or movement that we know of, that is extreme enough to actually correct the severe problems we’re facing.

We need change. Fast and without a fuzz. That’s what we do.

This approach to change the economy might be radical or even seem impossible to accomplish for many of us. But it’s the only way that makes sense if you think about it.

The current economy has proven again and again that when shit hits the fan, everything goes back to greed and hording, because this is how the system works: Competition has become the main focus of our lives. We want to be top of the line, even if it’s just in the computer world of facebook, instagram and snapchat.

All the while it would make so much more sense to revert back to a system that could provide harmony, happiness, wealth, is truly economic and most importantly catches any setback just as it comes up: Cooperation is the name of the game. No, not corporations, but co-operation!

Now, before your ego comes in the way because it has gotten so addicted to the cushy feeling of having money, but ignores the icky feeling of not having enough, let me just give you one striking example for co-operation, that destroys any argument for the benefits of competition: Imagine a world that was built on cooperative help, on coming together and on the shared will to evolving and getting better. Imagine how many inventions could’ve been built already and how technically and mentally evolved we could already be – without the constant setback of war!

If we wouldn’t have bombed, destroyed and killed each other back to stoneage every few decades, we could’ve went so far already! We can’t go back in time of course, but we could proceed with that mindset from here on.

Alright, if your mind keeps rambling on, for all the pubescent ideas that might come to someones mind after hearing such an exotic measurement:

  1. No, war does not accelerate growth (at least not on a global scale). Not to mention all the useless energy that was spent on producing weapons and similar redundant machinery.
    And yes, I personally do think that even without such ‘incentives’ we could’ve come up with (probably even better) ways of producing energy – I’m speaking of nuclear reactors that came to light because of the ‘need’ to invent nuclear bombs. That also goes for pretty much any other advancement that supposedly came only because of the oh-so-great-and-important war. Do some research, you’ll agree!
  2. No, war also doesn’t keep overpopulation in check. The greatest declines in population were not due to war. On top of that the best motivation for people to have kids is poverty which is the result of unequal resource-sharing (hogging), which pretty much any warfare so far has amplified or even created. To back that up, you should consider that most developed countries are tending towards underpopulation.

Finally, this is one of the reasons why this movement came to existence and why it is important. There’s just nothing else out there that currently tackles these problems in a globally actionable manner. Do your part if you’re convinced.

And if you’re still in doubt, remember Nelson Mandelas words “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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