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Surfing is a joy nobody should have to pay for. The gift economy scheme allows us to offer you free surf lessons here in the Algarve in Portugal. Sponsored by the Freevolution...


With love

Because we are not bound to earning money, we can provide the most authentic surf atmosphere, very relaxed and open - like true soul surfers. Next to the surf lessons we also offer yoga, meditation and permaculture tuition. It'll be a 3-hour lesson per booking, if possible more. The groups are very personal (up to 4 students), you won't get any more personal treatment!


Wetsuits in most sizes are included, same goes for the boards. All you have to bring is beach gear. If you don't have your own transport, we can pick you up from Aljezur for a small petrol contribution. If you want to stay around, you are welcome to stay in our tents at the Freevolution headquarters in a remote valley about 25 car-minutes from the beaches.

Free accomodation in tents
Plantbased attitude
Aljezur, Portugal
max 4 guests

All free, thanks to the Freevolution gift economy...

Freevolution Founder

Hi, I'm Dan.

Surfer - Teacher - Eco-activist

I'm the crazy nut that started all this and I'm looking forward to share my passion with you.
For the last 10 years I've been working in watersports centers in germany around the world as an instructor for multiple watersports as well as in managing positions. I started out keen to share my passion with people and make a living with it. Soon enough reality kicked in and I realized that if I want to make a living, I either need focus on making business or keep it as a hobby. Business mostly means not working for the people, but working for the money and what once was my passion (teaching watersports) now just was another job - satisfying customers, bosses and employees.

Free is better

The gift economy offered me a new way of approaching my lifes' passion and appeal...
  • Without a payment, you don't have anything to loose, no expectations - hence you can appreciate what you get with different eyes.
  • Without asking for money, I don't feel pressured to perform and can stay authentic - this in return is something you will feel.
  • With a gift economy gratitude and passion can meet again - happiness on both sides is the result.

See for yourself

Come by and experience the benefits of a free course for yourself - can't loose much, can you? Next to the surf lessons I also teach yoga, meditation and permaculture, so if you want to stay for a bit you can learn what soulsurfing means to me.

Not always happy, but striving towards Peace was always my objective Passion and addiction - Windsurfing Building houses Find my hat and you'll find me Kitesurfing sometimes Permaculture lessons Soulsurfing Playing ukulele Sailing

Aljezur, Portugal

Aljezur, a little town in the northern part of Portugals Algarve has become a surf city in the recent years.

Sometimes, especially in winter, the beaches get hammered with big waves and are no good for surf beginners on the outside, but even then you can practice your first steps in the unrolling white water waves near the sand. In summer the beaches are packed with beach-goers, surfers and surf schools. Since we don't need masses of people to make money, we can stay flexible and don't need much space - something a 'normal' surfschool can't offer in their busy schedule.

Only 10-15minutes away from three popular surf beaches it's a great location with infrastructure for the after-surf life as well. If you're more like me and want some time to rest, you're welcome to book the accomodation (simple tents) at the Freevolution camp another 10 car-minutes from Aljezur.

The surf camp is located in the hinterlands of Aljezur; a really calm handmade campsite in the forest. We only have a few neighbours remotely - the place is a haven for relaxation and recuperation. Surrounded by portuguese forest on the westcoast of the Algarve, it's easy to detach from the pointless stress of modern day-to-day life. There's also plenty of nice walks and views to discover. The sea is just 25 minutes by car, but you soon might find that you don't want to leave the place anyway.

The surf camp offers a simple outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower (cold water), a simple composting toilet, many places and hammocks to relax and 2-person tents on a thick layer of straw for the night. Space for parking your van or putting up your own tent is plenty as well.

From most major cities in Portugal you'll find bus transport to Aljezur, actually from Lisbon it's an easy 3.5h bus ride. The Freevolution camp is still about 10 minutes by car from town, about 1h to walk or 20min by bike.

Freevolution camp Freevolution main area Kitchen area Crystal water Fresh herbs Camp area The little bathroom Shower from inside So you find your way Panorama perspective from above Neighbour view Vicinity to the sea

What they say

Maria from Germany
"Staying with Dan was a very good and unique experience I will never forget. Dan is a super kind and open person, who loves to help people and believes in what he does. Hearing about his project and plans for the future just amazed me and I believe that one day all the things he gives will be returned back. To share and to love everything/ everyone unconditionally is so important."

Silvia from Italy
"Dan's place is an idyllic eucalyptus forest in the middle of Aljezur hills, with a stunning starry sky that just leave you speechless. Dan is an amazing person, always willing to share and inspire. That's not all... his project Freevolution is deeply focused on sharing lifestyle and inspiring people to create a better future. And that's just what happened to me. I was really pleased to get in touch with Dan's positivity and determination to change the world. He gave me a great hope and a lot of good energy. The long discussions about the search of happiness reminded me that life is simple and that to live sustainably is the better way."

Max from Germany
"My close friend Dan is an excellent teacher, i learned such a lot of things from him. We spent a lot of time together and during this time, he enlarged my horizon (The way of seeing the world) enormously! Since I am back in Germany, I can feel the big difference, being back into the rush, following absurd habits and forgetting to do what you really love! Therefore i recommend to everybody to learn about this remarkable, courageous, very logical project/ idea and if it's possible for you, to meet Dan Freevolution personally!"

Mauro from Portugal
"The Freevolution camp is awesome! A chilled environment combined with an ocean of knowledge and great energy from the mentor Dan! Como on over to meditate, do some yoga, breathwork, permaculture courses, surf fitness and surf lessons."


Choose length of stay...

Every saturday 3-4 hours, training on land and in the water, no accomodation

Saturday - Monday, including surf, yoga & accomodation

2 months minimum depending on previous skills, including accomodation & more


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