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Freevolution Founder

Hi, I'm Dan.

I'm the crazy nut that started all this, and I won't give up until we're free. I promise this to every younger generation, because they're the ones that will feel the effects of our behaviour the most.

I do this because it makes a lot of sense to me, or at least nothing else does. Facing extinction we do everything else but the right thing to prevent it. I don't see why one would do anything else, but to wake up now and roll up our sleeves to get something done.

I wouldn't consider myself as spiritual, religious or hippie. I'd just like to move something into a positive direction, without all the hocus pocus. My philosophy might be similar to spiritual movements - just good intentions - I'd rather use my own words though, because I think that's the language most people speak. So whatever religion, tribe or spirituality you come from, let us have an open mind and move something.

Living with depression and social anxiety through most parts of my life, I tried the commonly suggested routes already: Hospitals, therapies, pills, holidays, money, extreme sports, consumerism,... The problem lies deeper in our society, where competition and money is the unsatisfying substitute for love and kindness between ourselves and nature. Following this old trodden path you go in circles!

Therefore we've got nothing to loose, so I decided to pave a new path. I don't know about you, but I can't sit still watching and contributing to the destruction of the future of coming generations - all just for the illusion of satisfaction that actually isn't satisfying anyone. I want to do something! And for the fact you're reading this here, I guess you too! Let me show you how...

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Freevolution Founder

Moin, my name is Max.

My vision is to help shape a society in which all people live socially with one another and in harmony with nature. Like many others, I believe that our existing economic system is pushing us in the opposite direction. It leads to separation from nature and separation from our fellow human beings. In most cases we complain about it. In my opinion, we just have to start putting our valuable alternatives into practice bit by bit. So let's get started.

The gift economy is the most logical alternative to date. It is based on love and its idea is the voluntary, free transfer of goods and services without expecting any direct return. On the way to the gift culture, we must thoroughly replace our old habits with new ones. A change of consciousness should take place. We can live in peace and trust, even across families and friends. Let us discuss social, political, economic, religious and environmental values ​​and bring them back into balance without the constant pressure of profit and growth.

In this regard, I have decided to use my knowledge and skills to support Freevolution in order to build a gift culture on a larger scale. Last year I offered free surf courses and am already considering what promotions I can offer for this year. I am currently studying environmental technology so that this knowledge can also benefit the general public in the near future.

-> I hope that this project gives at least an incentive to think and everyone feels warmly invited to let their ideas flow.

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