The Gift Culture


What this is

Environmentalism from the bottom up
Self-Actualisation in progress

What's a gift culture?

The economy is the very thing that has leverage above almost all - if it changes, everything else will follow. Because money makes the world go round...right?
With our current economical system based on constant economical growth, we try to make up for senseless long-hour work-weeks with short-term satisfactory consumption. With this insane pressure towards consumption, we're destroying our own beautiful habitat along the way, while being stuck in a loop of financial dependence.

In a true gift economy we don't exchange or trade goods and services, but instead give them away for free without a need for payment. The receiver is just kindly asked to do pass on the favor to someone else, creating a loop without boundaries. As the gift culture grows and more people join this gift culture, there will be an abundance of free things - minimising your expenses, maximising your happiness. That way you can do more of what you love instead of having to trade a short weekend for 5 days doing what you hate.

And before you start doubting - yes it works! We've tried it and you surely have already too. Or did you pay back your parents, your friends, your partners for every service or gift? Haven't you experienced the pleasure when you make someone else happy? Why shouldn't we do it to random strangers as well? After all we're all together in this boat!

Freevolution in mind!

Freevolution a transitional movement towards the gift economy. Transition means we don't seclude ourselves from the current system, but instead use it to constantly increase the size of the gift economy offerings. This way we already inspired and supported countless people to become part of it and one day will make the gift culture as the main economy of this planet.

What we create is a win-win situation, where we do what we love and get a better world in return, step by step, gift by gift, person by person. The gratitude you receive is priceless, the lasting community & support it creates is worth more than any money could ever buy and it feels like being a rockstar when doing the right thing.

The most important task at the moment is to increase the size of the gift culture, because it lives and dies with the people involved. This could be your chance to change the world.

About the Free Pass...

The Free Pass is our analog tool for promoting the gift culture.
For every gift you receive, you also receive a "free pass" (or more) with the incentive to pass it on to another person together with a valuable gift. That way more and more people can consciously join the loop, creating a gift economy from scratch. Every card can be tracked online if you want, in order to see the impact you've already had.

You can also order some free passes for yourself or your business and become part of the change!

Be part of the change

The result

Uniquely the gift economy is not based on endless growth, but on love and kindness. That means no pressure to endlessly buy crap you don't need from money you don't have to impress people you don't like.

Resulting in:
  • less slaving away in a day-job and more resources for mother nature
  • more co-operation instead of competition in social life and in business
  • not being at the mercy of the rich 1% anymore, but being supported by a global community
  • true wealth getting appreciated instead of the amount of your belongings or the size of your bank account
  • overall more productiveness and happiness at the same time

The result is a society where greed and envy goes extinct, meaning we don’t have to exploit each other or nature anymore just for the system. Sustainability is going to solve itself, war over resources is going to end and happiness becomes achievable. Who doesn't want to live in such a world? Join us and be a pioneer!

See how you can make a difference

Questions anyone?

    What do you do?

We are actively promoting the gift culture, inspiring others to join in and give things away for free. That way we can create a society with goods and services that doesn't cost you anything.

    Why do this?

We believe that with an economical change we can make the world a better place. This is why we promote the gift culture, where money doesn't dictate our lives and we can live in freedom, peace and without destroying nature. Whether it's global warming, devastation of nature, the economical collapse, war over resources or something else that is awaiting to give us major problems or even wipe us out in the very near future, we have to act now.

    How should this work?

The gift economy is not an utopia, but a current reality in healthy families, communities, friend- and relationships and even whole states (e.g. Mali). We got to start somewhere and solve our problems of nature exploitation, war over resources, pollution, poverty and much more. We don't see politics solving this problem, but a gift culture could solve this and do so much more good. Real change always happened from below, when people came together and acted. It's a system proven to work, even in a globalised world, if we just find enough people to join. This is where you can make a difference!!

    What about funding?

At the moment we're funding this from our own part-time jobs, savings and through donations. For now it needs to be clear that we are in a transition phase, where money is still needed and valued, but this will become less and less necessary. Eventually there won't be any funding needed once enough people contribute about 10% or more worldwide. This could be 10% of your current time or income, it could also just be 10% of the population.

If you're keen on helping, go to our support area and find out what you can do.

    How do you envision the future?

Very simple: Free. Free from pressure, free from money and most importantly free from attachment.
With more and more people entering this lifestyle, it soon will become sustainable without any funding from outside. This will mean that more and more businesses tangled up in the reckless consumerist economy will have to change in a way that benefits not just the system. Finally complete branches of our current economy can restructure into more sensible constructs, changing our lives, the environment for a future worth bearing children into.
It's important to understand that everything is possible if we work together - history has shown this in good and bad ways. So be the positive change you wanna see in the world!

    Isn't money also good?

Money is not the problem, it's the way we handle it, and it certainly got out of hand and doesn't seem to be tameable. Money used to have a fixed value, but with loans, globalisation and exploitation (warfare) it got corrupted in a non-reversible way. This movement is not about demonising or abolishing money (see "How do you want to fund this" above), but slowly paving a way into a more sensible interaction with each other. The future will show where this will lead us, with or without money...

    Do we have to give up all luxury then?

The question rather is if it's really a sacrifice when you stop shooting yourself in your own foot? We're at a point in time where the impacts of our endless greed is just starting to be felt, not to speak of what future generations will have to deal with. If you think you can't give up product x or lifestyle x, then so be it. But you might change your mind if you're facing the results of this behaviour directly. Freevolution is about showing us the impacts our behaviour has, but on top of that also the positive impacts we can have - which includes our own health and happiness!!

    Can I help?

Yes of course! The best way to join is just by doing something for free and without expectation of return. Doing what you love doing, you'll reap the fulfilling gratitude of others involved and create a community that can support each other. Make sure to use our "free pass" to pass on the idea.

And of course you can directly contribute to the success of this by supporting the movement.



You can bring many arguments forward, why this won't work. Here's a few...
  • "There's too many people that will abuse you just for their own good"
    Put a person in jail and they'll most likely commit a crime again. Give a person love and they will love you back. Nature has given us abundance to satisfy everyone - world hunger for example is rather a problem of distribution than a lack of food. Be the first one to change something for the better.

  • "But we need money to survive"
    Food for thought: Humanity has been around for about 200.000 years, money didn't exist until about 7000 years ago, oh how did we just survive until then? And no, we were not just living in caves before this printed piece of paper.

  • "So what's in it for you? Where's the catch?"
    There's none. "I'm happy when I'm happy to other people" (Russell Brand) . We've long passed a time where we were fighting for survival. Being happy is the new survival and we can't be truly happy when crushing everyone else!

  • "This won't work, because..."
    Maybe this is not for you, yet. But then please ask yourself this question: In 25 years, if some kids asked you 'what have you done to stop humanity from ruining the planet for our generation?', what would you like to say?
Ultimately there's just one thing left to say about this: It always seems impossible until it's done. (Nelson Mandela)

Any other question?

We're looking forward to hear from you!