What is this all about?

Imagine a world where everything is free…

That’s of course not possible, but I started doing just that. Everything seems impossible until it’s done.
This year I started to give free lessons in Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Fitness, Surfing, plant based Nutrition and Permaculture under the name of the Freevolution Movement.

Because I believe that with this idea, we – one by one – can change the world and make it to a happier and even more beautiful place. A place without war, injustice and exploitation of nature.

And it’s actually possible, if you look at our history, the majority of times tremendous changes weren’t coming from governments or the ruling class, but from below, the little people like you and me. Therefore I believe we as a group when we come together can change anything.

To put it in other words: Whether your vote in the next election makes a difference or not is one thing, the vote you have every time you spend money surely gets counted and is much more powerful. So, by choosing where our money, time and effort goes, we choose the direction of our future on this planet, that simple. The foundation of our economy, supply and demand. So it’s in our hands if our story ends in the next 100 years with war, climate catastrophes, fatal diseases or if not and if so how the story continues.

Some people ask me how to do that in a world where everyone is just after their own good? I disagree on that. There’s the theory of Maslows hierarchy of needs, which is a wide-spread accepted theory amongst sociologists and it goes like this,

In a world where essential needs like shelter, food and safety are covered, people start to seek for higher values like friendship, meaning, love and something called self-actualisation. Which you can translate with doing something for the greater good. So according to sociology after securing their own survival people aren’t essentially bad. Sometimes though people get misdirected and try to reach these values through fraud, theft, drugs, suppressing others and so on, but without success and you might be surprised but that’s actually a minority. So again, the majority of people aren’t bad.

So, by doing things for free we not only reach our own self-actualisation, we also make it accessible to others, which in turn keeps our own bases like nutrition and safety secured. Because the more people work this gift economy, the more sustainable it will be. As a nice little side effect it allows us to do what we love and replace the short-lived joy through money with real happiness .

To support that point: If you go and ask people what made them do their jobs in the first place it’s often because they once have been passionate for it. The farmer loved to farm, the carpenter loved making products out of wood, the techie loved getting creative in programming. If you ask them why they hate their jobs now, it’s mostly because they work their asses off in order to make money in order to have more free time doing what they love. You see the irony?

And that’s a vicious cycle and that’s why after recognising it, I was determined to break out of it and created the Freevolution Movement, where I offer to share tuition and food, that I could get paid good money for, for free.

Of course, to break out of such a vicious cycle is always a bold move. But in order to change things for the better, we sometimes need to be brave. So I encourage you to be bold, to do something and be the change you wanna see in the world. Join me in this movement.

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