Why offering free stuff?

Hi, my name is Dan. Recently I started giving away free Workshops in topics that I could and have charged reasonable money for. The reason for that goes back a few thoughts…

I don’t think that we can build a healthy society on the shoulders of money, which is inevitably creating unfairness when it’s used in a world where we can’t escape the imposed believe that we weren’t able live without money. In most of this world’s countries, this mindset means that if you’re not enslaving yourself to work for money, you won’t be permitted land or a place to stay, which should be our birthright on this planet. I also think that should change.

A widely accepted theory goes that there’s a hiararchy of needs in a human. In this list needs there’s next to obvious things like water, food and shelter, also a feeling of belonging, friendship, respect and most importantly self-actualization, which means becoming the best person that one can possibly strive for in the service of both the self and others. Therefore I think we can change this system for the better.

Yes, I do think it’s possible to build a global society that cares for, helps and shares with each other. Without having to make others suffer everytime you do something for your own good. On these pillars (caring, sharing, helping, loving, being kind) we can build a healthy society which then will take care of doing good by itself and without an enormous effort. But I do not think there’s any other way possible for humanity to continue on this planet. That’s why I’m here.

I’m offering tuition that I formerly got paid for for free and try to increase my own givings as much as possible and encourage anyone to do the same in order to create a GLOBAL gift economy, where everything is free. Since you all might wonder how I can afford this, it’s firstly because I live with less materialistic bullshit, but more happiness instead, but also funded by money donations, which ultimately won’t be neccessary anymore as soon as enough people joined the circle, not only here, but all over the world!

This is why I want to invite you to participate in this movement that I call the Freevolution Movement. Read more about it on the Freevolution website



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