How to be successful

Most of us want to be successful in life. Some of us are even having the fear of not being successful and don’t try at all. The question actually is – what does it actually mean ‘being successful in life’?

Being successful in life as in any other category mostly is lots easier when you have covered your bases. What is the base of life? For that it’s probably quite functional to look at the theory of the hierarchy of needs.

In our developed countries most people got the first two parts always covered, where most people here have an insufficiency is love, esteem which makes self-actualization rather improbable to achieve.

You can see this in our behavior quite well; we either try to distract ourselves from the lack of these essentials (drugs, tv, movies, games, extreme sports, …) or we form an addictive behavior towards what we’re lacking and try to cheat our way into having it (career, sports, money, suppression of  others, …). Mind you, I’m not saying any of the distractive behaviors is bad, but if our needs aren’t covered first, it most likely will keep you from covering them (which is also valid for the cheats). If – or rather: as – this doesn’t work out for us, we enter depression, anxiety or aggression.

So, how do we cover these bases then? Well, there is a no-cheat cheat. It could seem like that we are dependent on external forces in order to achieve this, say to get respected, recognized, to be loved and receive a sense of connection. It only seems like that though. It’s already inside of us, the love, the self-worth, the belonging, all of it.

It might be hard for some people after all that cheating and distracting to allow this to come to the surface. But here comes the cheat: Just be friendly and nice to others, respect, love and appreciate someone (or better everyone) and be free just by questioning everything (like allowing your opinion to be changed, that’s ok). In turn mostly you’ll be treated friendly, respected, loved, recognized, stronger than ever before and most importantly free! Cheat complete.

Now you enter the next phase and fulfill yourself. Note: I didn’t say “you will”, or “you can”, but most likely once you’ve covered the bases, you’ll already be there. And isn’t that successful?

In other words: Just be nice!
Love and kindness.

How’s this related to the Freevolution Movement? Simple, we preach and practice precisely this – self-actualization, which means sharing! Wanting to say, joining this free movement might be the best cheat towards a successful life! And here’s a link for you: How can you get involved?

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